You can have it all

but you have to leave the doubt behind.
Life and Business Coach for High Achieving Entrepreneurs. I help you have and manage it all.
I can’t even begin to tell you how much and in how many ways she has changed our lives.  I had no idea of how much my life was about to change.  I was what most people would consider successful, but I knew something was missing. Sherina has helped me learn what that was and helped me become a new person.”

Now that I know how life can be, I can’t imagine spending another day in that old life I left behind. Sherina has helped me create real change in every aspect of my life so that I can move forward with energy, drive, happiness, and success.  If you are looking for real change in ways you can’t even imagine, you have to be coached by Sherina.  It has been the best thing I have ever done for my business, family, and myself.”

Dr. Heather Lawson

CEO, Lawson Medispa and Aesthetics

The feeling of Resistance can be leveraged to create anything you want.

Most personal development is just adding more and more layers to who you are and that’s what you’ve been sold on what you need. That’s what you think you need because this industry continuously is making you feel like you need the next best-kept secret you need the next formula. You need the next hack. You need all these things to reach your desired outcome which is to feel in control, which is to feel empowered to feel like you can stand in your own power and be able to, you know, communicate better and attract more opportunities, you know, do all the things that you want.  But really what you need is for someone to remove all these layers, because deep down underneath all these layers that you’ve piled onto yourself, your true desire or that innate power actually exists.

You just need someone to extract it from you. And that’s why it’s been so difficult for you to do that on your own.

Because instead of going deeper within, you’ve been looking without.  

You've been looking at what's out there, but the answer is not out there. It's already in You.

But really what they need is someone to be able to see them to pick up on their blind spots, to look at what are the areas that need improvement to look at their belief system, the subconscious wiring that they have, and get to the root cause of what’s causing them to feel that way.

Most coaches might work with you on a mindset-conscious thought level, which will only scratch the surface. That’s why you might work with someone and feel better temporarily, but when a challenging situation comes up, you always revert to your old ways.

That’s because resistance or emotions get trapped in the body. It’s not just something you can consciously move through. And that’s why when you and I work together, I have a signature process that helps you really get to the root, no matter the cause. 

So that when another triggering event happens in your life, no longer do you fall back into your old patterns which might come up as anger which might come up as people pleasing, which might come up as fear much which might come up as retreating. You no longer succumb to those past patterns, but now you have a set of tools and a new, fresh awareness of how to deal with that as your best self. 

The Impact self-development has had on my life is undeniable…You can look at my life on a timeline and see the moment from which I stopped making excuses and started putting the work in…Now if you were to take that same timeline and highlight where Sherina got involved you would see the immediate and accelerated impact her Coaching has made on who I have become and who I am Becoming…What you wouldn’t see on that timeline is her commitment to her craft, commitment to her Client, and commitment to her calling, but it will be evident in your transformation if you were to use her.
Sherina was able to show me the tricks my mind was playing on me. It was so subtle and hard to see because it was a loop I had played for years, built on evidence that I could mess anything up…Years of that Evidence. My Mind wasn’t grabbing the new evidence, the evidence that showed My commitment to my Wife and Family, Evidence that showed my commitment to my Team and Businesses, and The evidence that I was not an incompetent and irresponsible person. The moment I saw what my mind was doing subconsciously, I have never been the same! It was like someone turned the light on to my greatness, and that’s truly what she did! She introduced me to the real me, the one who wins, the one who laughs at impossibilities, the one who creates all he wants because I can have whatever I want! She could see it from the start, it took months of layers of thoughts being examined before I could fully see what I was doing to myself.
I could pay her monthly installments for the rest of my life and still not touch the value this one thing has done in my life.
Jonathon Roll

CEO, IFoam

Sherina combines empathy, intentionality, and selflessness into a missile directed at helping you break through whatever barriers are holding you back.

She strips down your complex thoughts and motivations and helps her clients choose the outcomes they desire.  She is a master at ensuring the conversation is never about her and always about you.  You always feel like you’re in a judgment-free zone.  This creates an environment where you are free to explore your inner thoughts and then make conscious decisions as to what meaning you attach to those thoughts.
Incredible traits:
– Empathetic, compassionate
– Positive/encouraging/abundant mindset
– Selfless
– Curious, always asking questions to get to the deeper meaning
– Analytical – not in a judgemental way, but always driving to clients reveal deeper truths about themselves
I would sum up Sherina’s greatest mission for her clients is to “Know Thyself”.  Most people think they know who they are and why they do things.  And they don’t.  But once the curtain is pulled back and you start realizing the why, only then can you start to make the changes you want to live the life you’ve only dreamed of!!
Brent Moeshlin

CEO, Quality Comix

Coaching with Sherina is a very unique and profound experience.  Sherina helped me gain clarity and get to the root cause of my issue.  We went places, I didn’t expect, which brought me the clarity that I was looking for.

I love how intuitive she is, and She is totally an active listener, which is so important in a coaching relationship.  Sherina has so many tools in her tool belt with her vast knowledge and experience; she is able to come at issues from many diverse points of view.  She helped me break through a lot of mindset blocks to reach a new level of success in my business.

You will hang up the phone and say “Wow, that was an amazing experience.” This is not a one size fits all program, Sherina caters to your specific needs to get a breakthrough; I would not hesitate to use her again.

Melanie Schmois MSSA, LISW-S

Therapist and Life Coach,

“I decided to work with Sherina because I was not as driven and my energy was not at the necessary level to work towards my goals.  The greatest takeaway is understanding I have everything I I needed to reach the next level.   I also recognize I possess all of the tools necessary to be successful and I now I use all of them effectively.

As a result of working with Sherina, I have been able to help over 20 families and sell over 3.5 million in sales in 10 months. This s only my second year in this business.

I would tell anyone considering hiring Sherina as their coach, that She is genuine and open. She is not a textbook coach.  She is a coach that truly connects on a spiritual level.  If you are interested in hiring Sherina, stop waiting.  BOOK HER!!  She is not only talented as a coach, but she is operating in her God-Given Purpose

Nick Armistead

Realtor, CEO

Working with Sherina has allowed me to bring internal structure/systems to our multi-million dollar business, and fully help me own the business instead of the :business owning” me.   I  have also become a lot more self-aware as a leader and husband.  I am also able to see others in a way I had not before.  I am able to make decisions that support the long-term goal of the company now.  I don’t feel like I have to be in hurry about things or do what someone else does.  My business can fit into my life.

What I enjoyed most about working with Sherina is the heart connection that is brought to the table.  The thought-provoking questions that have been asked, and how she shows you that you always have the answers.  Her passion is seeing you thrive!

In summary, Sherina helps PULL YOUR special sauce from within…out.   To put it frankly…you need Sherina in your life,  period.

Ryan Boyett


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