I help entrepreneurial families create wealthy lives and healthy businesses.

You are not alone.

I see this everyday. So many incredible and passionate entrepreneurs like yourself find themselves stuck at their current level of success,  home life suffering, marriage suffering, and health suffering and not knowing how to change it all.   

You understand hard work, and you are willing to do whatever it takes.   This is why I love being an entrepreneur myself.  I am not someone who runs away from hard work, but I do want to create a life that does not feel hard.  I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor, and I know you do too. 

It is this mindset alone that keeps you stuck, because what you are doing is not working.  Doing more of what is not working is not going to help you do what needs to work.  It just creates a bigger mess for the business and for the family. Getting to the next level requires simplicity.  But the simple things are sometimes the hardest things to do, but so worth it.  The next level is simple and does not have to compromise the soul of your business or who you are or consume your whole life.      

I help entrepreneurial families create wealthy lives and healthy businesses

by developing the You, the entrepreneur.  That is the key to going to the next level in your business and life.   I know you are ready for soulful and lasting impact in your life and business, and I am here to make sure your relationship with yourself does not hold you back.   You crave the lasting impact your business,    will have on your family and the people you serve, and your legacy.   This is the reason you need to play full out.   No one deserve this more than you do.   


    I can’t even begin to tell you how much and in how many ways she has changed our lives.  I had no idea of how much my life was about to change.  I was what most people would consider successful, but I knew something was missing. Sherina has helped me learn what that was and helped me become a new person.  Now that I know how life can be, I can’t imagine spending another day in that old life I left behind. Sherina has helped me create real change in every aspect of my life so that I can move forward with energy, drive, happiness, and success.  If you are looking for real change in ways you can’t even imagine, you have to be coached by Sherina.  It has been the best thing I have ever done for my business, family, and myself.  

Dr. Heather Lawson

Physician and Entrepreneur, Lawson Aesthetics and Medspa

I decided to work with Sherina because I was not as driven and my energy was not at the necessary level to work towards my goals.  The greatest takeaway is understanding I have everything I I needed to reach the next level.   I also recognize I possess all of the tools necessary to be successful and I now I use all of them effectively.  As a result of working with Sherina, I have been able to help over 20 families and sell over 3.5 million in sales in 10 months. This is only my second year in this business.   I would tell anyone considering hiring Sherina as their coach, that She is genuine and open. She is not a textbook coach.  She is a coach that truly connects on a spiritual level.  If you are interested in hiring Sherina, stop waiting.  BOOK HER!!  She is not only talented as a coach, but she is operating in her God-Given Purpose.  

Nick Armistead

Realtor, Community Leader

Coaching with Sherina is a very unique and profound experience.  Sherina helped me gain clarity and get to the root cause of my issue.  We went places, I didn’t expect, which brought me the clarity that I was looking for.  I love how intuitive she is, and She is totally an active listener, which is so important in a coaching relationship.  Sherina has so many tools in her tool belt with the vast knowledge and experience; she is able to come at issues from many diverse points of view.  She helped me break through a lot of mindset blocks to reach a new level of success in my business.  You will hang up the phone and say “Wow, that was an amazing experience.” This is not a one size fits all program, Sherina caters to your specific needs to get a breakthrough; I would not hesitate to use her again.

Melanie Shmois, MSSA, LISW-S, Licensed Therapist & Sole Proprietor

Certified Life Coach and Weight Loss Coach, Mind Your Strength Coaching, LLC

Sherina was an answered prayer to broken women, who didn’t know herself, was lost in a world she was afraid of and drowning in the chaos of her own mind.  I first heard about this wonderful woman from my best friend, which was referred to her from a group of women Sherina was coaching in business and personal life.  My friend was raving about this coach and all the things she was talking to her about and the breakthroughs she was having.  I knew then that I had to talk to her, seeing as I was already past my breaking point and thought this couldn’t make things worse.  What I didn’t know was making that drive to Auburn Alabama, sitting on her couch, and pouring my soul out to a lady I had never meet before would come to be one of the top best decisions I had ever made in my life.  .  I wasn’t speaking to my oldest son and other family members, lost friends, I was not happy in my marriage 5 kids had me pulled in all directions, and we had a brand new baby…our business.  I wt was so much that I actually thought she was just going to help me cope with all the things going on and not end up going crazy.  I had no idea talking with her over the next year and a half would bring me to be the best self I have ever been.  And because of that,  I have a relationship with my oldest son, mom, and dad, lost friends, new friends, going places I would never have been, truly being happy with myself, I came off my anxiety medication, I have a great marriage, and our business is booming.

My husband gets coaching from her, my children coach with her, and we have her in our business coaching our team and helping us pave the way we want to go.  There will never be enough words to describe how Sherina Hill helped me changed my life and the people I love around me.  to know her is to love her.  She will forever hold a place in my heart.  She has helped turn that broken girl sitting on her couch into the powerful woman I was always meant to be.  Everything happens as it should.


Husband’s Perspective

I heard about Sherina from my wife and a mutual friend.  They began coaching with her a few years ago.   The intital challenge I need help with was to save my marriage.  Apparently, that was just the tip of the iceberg! Within the last year and a half, we have tackled everything from, marriage (which is now thriving), to raising 5 independent children, also bringing internal structure/systems to our multi-million dollar business to coping with family loss, to just understanding how I work as an individual.  My greatest takeaway with Sherina is… is if you don’t like your thoughts…change them.  You are not defined by your past.  Your feelings are not the truth.  What I enjoyed most about working with Sherina is the heart connection that is brought to the table.  The thought-provoking questions that have been asked, and how she shows you that you always have the answers.  Her passion is seeing you thrive!

The value-added to your life compounds as Sherina pours her special sauce in your thinker!  Actually, as Sherina helps PULL YOUR special sauce from within…out.   To put it frankly…you need Sherina in your life,  period.


Jessica and Ryan Boyett

Entrepreneurial Family, I Roof, LLC

When I first started working with Sherina I was hurt and damaged girl. I literally thought that everyone else was my problem. There had been lies and secrets in my marriage and I thought that I would not make it through.
A couple of my friends had told me about Sherina, but before everything came out in my marriage, I didn’t see the need for a coach. My life felt pretty perfect! I later realized that the reason it felt perfect, was because of my thoughts about it because the lies and secrets were going on when I thought it was great.
Nothing had changed except my awareness of what was going on, which then changed my thoughts about my marriage.
When Sherina first started explaining this to me, I thought she was crazy! There was no way that this wasn’t my husband’s fault. There was no way I needed to take responsibility for anything. He needed to change and I needed her to help show me how. LOL!
Next month I’ll have been coaching with Sherina for two years and they have been the most life-changing and transformative two years of my whole entire life! I am a completely different person inside and out! She has taught me how to be confident, secure, bold, how to face my fears, take ownership of my life, and how to be the best version of myself so I can turn around and give that to the people I love around me!
Since coaching with Sherina, my marriage has never been better, my family is happier, and because of her, I decided to get certified as a life coach myself. I wanted to be able to turn around and help people the way Sherina had helped me! She gave me my life back, my marriage back, and everything else in between! My relationship with my family and friends is the healthiest it’s ever been.
The number one thing I have taken away from my two years of coaching is that I get to be in control of how I feel at all times! Nothing or no one else can make me feel anything. That has given me so much power and control in myself!
I quit trying to control my husband and everything outside of me because I can’t do it anyway, so why to waste my time and energy on something I can’t do.
I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed! I can truly say that I am who I am today because of the work we’ve done together! I literally recommend her to everyone I come in contact with. It doesn’t matter if you need help in your marriage, with your kids, with your business, with your mindset, she can help you! Trust me, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made!
Rachel Roll

Entrepreneur and Life Coach

I met Sherina via referral. And when I first started working with Sherina
I wanted to be the best version of myself and I had no idea what that even meant. I just knew there had to be more.
I learned how to allow myself the freedom to be the best me I could be. I crafted the barriers to my own financial and emotional freedom so I had to learn how to recognize them and how to deconstruct them. Now my days start with a mindset of how to be successful today and they end with gratefulness for the lessons I learned during adversity.
Learning to approach every day in a state of gratitude. This one aspect allowed me to achieve a “synchronicity” of awareness that I previously was completely unaware was possible. Before I coached with Sherina I would fight various mental battles on a daily basis. Financial issues, relationships, work goals, time itself, and zero awareness about any of it. I was trying to stay afloat in a sea of reactive fear. It sounds cliche’ but from Surviving to thriving.
I will tell you that you will need to do three things. You need to want to be better. Not just wish you were a better person blah blah blah. One, you have to want to be free of the thoughts and negativity that you are struggling within a way that you have never wanted anything else, ever. Two, you have to be honest with yourself. Until you can do that you can’t be honest with Sherina and she can’t help you. Three, you have to believe her introductory concepts. Let go of your way of thinking. Where has it REALLY gotten you? Let it go.
I thought I would get a bunch of psychological analyses that would explain why I wasn’t responsible for myself and how to overcome what had been done to me. Instead, I received truth and freedom.
Can you imagine what it would feel like to wake up each day knowing that it truly is a day full of endless possibilities? To know that even though you may encounter adversity it will not have control over you? To understand that no one can take away the power you have over yourself but you? Imagine what it’s like to be the person you want to be, deserve to be. Imagine that and then realize that person already exists within you behind locked doors that you made. You just need someone to show you how to make a key.  That person is Sherina.  
Lee Daniels

Comic Book Broker

I believe what hurts us the most is when we finally get what we want, and there’s what we want most that is still missing.     

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