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“Fabulous” – that one word says it all! When I first met Sherina I immediately felt a connection to her and knew she had something special in her work, her art and her heart to serve others. Her love of coaching and understanding human behavior was insightful and refreshing. She will help you grow to become your best version of you —- and be our biggest cheerleader!

Joyce McMurran

Executive Director for the John Maxwell Team

If one person asks me, where would I have been without a life coach 2 years ago, I would tell you, still in a dark place, stuck! Today, I could honestly say Sherina has transformed my life and my mindset to think more strategically through any circumstances pertaining to my business, marriage, and life. She is very authentic, honest, a great listener, and she is the ultimate image-maker through her coaching. From the valley to the mountain, I am not on the mountain, I own the mountain!

I initially met Sherina through a mutual friend in 2015;  Soon, she became my photographer and life coach.   Prior to being a SAHM, I was traveling the world with the ultimate career.  During my transition, I found myself in need of others filling my cup through them. In turn, my cup was dry, and I needed to fulfill my own and use my gifted talents to help others.   My greatest takeaway from Sherina is when she helped me to own who I am as a woman, not being ashamed of my past and all my life experiences and let go of my past & forgiveness others. Also, to celebrate ME.

If you are stuck, and at a loss of direction in your life, Sherina is your Lifetime life coach. She inspires you to create results.  You do not doubt as to whether or not she is helping you move in a positive direction.  You will see the results as will everyone else.     – J. Morgan

J. Morgan

Former National Chairwoman for the Legislative Staff at National Black Caucus of State Legislators, Currently Realtor and Member of the National Associaton of Realtors

Hey Guys, have you ever wondered why some of your plays don’t work on the football field or in life?  Have you ever wondered why some coaches can’t get through to some players/people and vice versa? Have you ever wondered why you and your spouse or significant other struggles to manage your relationship during football season?  No matter what phase the game you need help with there is immediate help for it.

I must admit that when I first head about a coach for coaches (from my wife).  I was a little hesitant.  I eventually decided to give it a try because I could see how it was impacting her life in a better way.  During our first session, my eyes were open to a number of things that I could immediately do better.  Probably the biggest thing I realized is how relationships can be managed in a must better way so that everyone can win. I immediately suggested to her to to speak to high school and college teams across the country to help players-coach relationships.

I immediately began to use some of the strategies she gave me and it impacted my relationship with my wife, my players, and the students that I teach.

Most of us are great people already.  Coaching for coaches just take your life to the next level.

I thought I really had things together until I talked with my coach.  She made me see that I was doing some great things, but also things I could improve on to create an environment where everyone can win. We as coaches always say that the eye in the sky doesn’t lie. Well, this is a chance to see yourself on film and make the necessary adjustment to be a better coach and person.

Joe Scott

Football coach

I heard about Sherina through my sister, who is her client.

I was facing challenges of low self-confidence, and negative self-talk.  I desperately wanted to reverse these issues.

Sherina’s guidance has empowered me to take control of my thoughts.  I can do whatever it is I want to do and not allow the negative thoughts to control me.  Figuring out that I am in control of my own success has been empowering.  Actually, during the sessions, I instantly felt liberated.

My favorite part of working with Sherina has been her positive attitude and her ability to make sure you have clear actionable plans to attack your challenges head-on.  Her personality is delightful and welcoming. She is definitely one of my favorite people.


A. Fonte


I met Sherina as a “gift” from my son. He purchased a Life Coaching package for me as a gift.

I wanted to focus on completing some books and working on self-esteem by losing weight and toning my body.  I also wanted to do some personal work on inner healing.  I have not completed my coaching, and I must say I am winning in all areas right now because of “Coach!”

My greatest take away from Sherina was her honestly and her persistence in getting to the root of my problem.  She formulated a solution and held me accountable, and motivated to overcome the problem.  It was life-changing FOR REAL.

What I loved most with working with Sherina was her positive energy and honesty. I would tell anyway the coaching she provides will help you beyond measure if you are totally honest about where you struggle.  The lady is anointed for what she does.



Highly recommended she is an excellent coach. Very passionate about personal development for women.

Nana Korsah, MD

Sherina is a gift – she has an ear to hear past the pain, and get to the root cause. She has a heart to serve and a passion for helping others. If you are reading this and wondering if she can help you – the answer is yes, she will guide you – but you must be willing to do the work!

Lynn Owens

Life Coach, Allow Space Now

“Sherina is a clear thinker, gifted in the art of inspiring, and a master of teaching and analogy. While she has a sharp business mind, she simultaneously brings heart into business. She has a mind to serve others, to help them empower themselves, and to reflect back to them what they themselves need to see. She searches for great meaning in everything she does, and she encourages her clients to do the same. As her client, she made me understand the value of my service as a business owner, and my small business has grown as a direct result of my work under her tutelage. You may not initially see yourself as a leader, but when working with Sherina, you will understand how to raise the lid on your current leadership volume. It is remarkable, and you can apply it to all aspects of your life.”

Ashley Lovell, MS, LCCE, CD (DONA),

Executive Director, Alabama Prison Birth Project

I am an entrepreneur and a business coach. I find it interesting that I can hold my clients accountable, but personally, I have had challenges meeting my goals. Sherina has helped me analyze myself, look at the things I had been talking about doing, and work on getting them done. When I started working with Sherina, I had a book that I wanted to finish. Now I can say having her helped me stay accountable, I have finished my book, and it’s in the editing and publishing phase. I had to realize that some of the most successful people on earth did not get there without help. I have Sherina to thank for her help.
If you have found yourself stuck where you are and are unsure how you will get unstuck or are trying to get to the next level, you need to call Sherina. Sherina will guide you and help you. She is an excellent coach.

L. Aryee

Small Business Owner

Sherina is awesome.  I was hesitant to try coaching at first, but I decided to give her a try.  I really wanted help with getting passed the blockage that has been holding me back from progressing to things I wanted to do in my life…such as starting my business and losing weight.  My greatest takeaway from working with Sherina is I am in control of what happens in my life.  I have to take ownership of those things and push forward with my goals.  I also learned when I blame other people for not progressing; I give them control over me. The only person’s approval I need is my own to be successful.

What I enjoyed most about working with Sherina was the realness of our conversations. She made me feel comfortable, and I never felt judged for my truths.  For anyone considering hiring Sherina, I will tell you to do it. She is awesome. She has made me realize so many things about my internal workings that have held me back in several parts of my life.   She has also helped me release some of them, and I actually started my business.

If you are willing to be vulnerable and real with what you want, you can’t go wrong with hiring her as your coach.

Dr. Shamela Scott

educator, Impact Educational Consulting

” Sherina gets down in the “white meat” of what is going on behind the scenes of your subconscious, bringing it to the light and holding it out for you in a way you’ve never seen it before. Get ready for an amazing exhilarating ride rollercoaster of emotions and feelings rising to the surface so you can brush them off and get down to the business of being your fabulous self. I am forever changed and grateful for the time we have spent together. “

M. Lee

author and artist

“i heard about Sherina through a friend who was working with her. I was overwhelmed at work and had conflicts that make me question whether I could do the job or not. After working with Sherina, I know realize that our thoughts create our perceived reality. Sherina is a joy to work with… talking to her is like talking to a wise friend who tells you the hard truths in way that is caring. She is very personable and has a heart of gold!! ”

Dr. A. Dukes


” The school may have found a teacher in you, but I found a hero in you. Thank you. ” 

B. Tameru

” I’m home and just like the disciples experiencing Jesus; they did not return the same way they came. The Lord has truly anointed you to do his work. Your business is unique and an assignment of God. You have changed my life. The Lord has changed me. Thanks for being His vessel. “

Z. Hughes

Social Worker

Don’t wait any longer.  Start creating the life that you want today.

“Sherina is awesome! I mostly enjoy her enthusiasm, encouragement, openness, and her ability to describe an issue or blockage for me to truly understand and remember. She listens well and holds me accountable by checking in! I’d tell anyone interested in seeing Sherina to be prepared to cry, laugh and get the help needed to reach their potential.” M. King, coaching

M. King


I had several areas I felt that I needing coaching, but mainly to increase my self- awareness. My greatest take- away from working with Sherina was empowerment!! I learned that I was allowing my life to just happen. Now I no longer manage my life but to operate with purpose and intentionality. For anyone about to work with Sherina I would say get ready for truth, change, and purposed living.

L. Kaye, Speech Pathologist

Coaches need coaches, and you did an excellent job with me. I am so thankful, my friend. Proverbs 27:17. As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Suge Imhoff

Life Coach for Women

Sherina was extremely instrumental in patiently helping me uncover areas in my life that for years have handicapped me from fully growing into the person God designed me to be. My greatest take-aways from this experience is the understanding that despite our personal flaws and failures, if we allow God the opportunity and are willing to face and work through these tough areas, there is new life hope and joy on the other side of the struggle.
What I appreciated most was her willingness to walk with me patiently through the process allow me to peel back the layers, give me tools encouragement and support to face overcoming the things that for years have held me hostage.”


L. Duke

Travel SLP

” Thank you so much for your inspirational stories and advice to such a wide audience. You has us laughing, crying and everything in between. Amazing to be able to make such a connection with so many people in a short amount of time.”
S. Collins, Auburn University

S. Collins

Auburn University