Leadership is influence.

Nothing more nothing less. 

Hi, I’m Sherina

I’m a Certified Life & Leadership coach, registered nurse, mother, entrepreneur, and photographer. I coach people who desire to create success in every area of their life while maintaining control over their emotions.  My clients’ have achieved a certain level of success in their lives, but while they are happy with that aspect, they still desire more in the other areas.   They often time feel stress,  overwhelmed and at the mercy of others for their fulfillment.  They want more in the area of happiness, health, wealth, and relationships. 

As a long-time registered nurse and wife, I was not as happy and successful as I wanted to be in my own life.  I found myself feeling so stuck that at times, I was not even able to enjoy the level of success that I had.   As a result, I became dependent on the compliance and validation of others. That worked for a little while, but then I became an entrepreneur.  As you guessed it, that does not work well for a mental wellness plan or business plan.  My life was spiraling out of control so I decided to get help.  I saw a therapist for a while, and to be honest.  I did feel better but nothing in my life had changed.  I now needed a plan for my future.  So I decided to become a life coach.  In order to be a great life coach, you must have your own coach. So I hired my first life coach, and it literally blew my mind.  The  truths that were made obvious to me started shifting my life.  I saw things like I had put on a pair of glasses for the first time.  The entire process was transformational, and one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. 

As a nurse, I am trained to understand and master the body- it’s symptoms and treatments, etc…. As a coach, I have learned how to master the mind.   As you know, the body is an instrument of the mind and not the other way around. 

I now use my mind to support me in every area of my life.  From expressing negative emotion to learning to using emotion as motivation to go to the next level.  It’s all done in the mind and then the body follows. No more procratination or blame. 

 When we take full responsibility for our situations and our outcomes, then our mind works best for us.   It’s not dependent upon anything or anyone else.  It is our number one asset, and the only thing that truly makes us different from a horse, dog or a pig. 

This is the truth.  You have everything you need to be happy and successful.  You just do not know how to use it.  

If this sounds interesting to you, perhaps you’d like to work with me.   You can invest in many things and most of them can be taken away from you.   Investing in your mind will not only change your life, but everything that you touch as well.   

Professional Bio

Sherina Hill started her professional career in 1995 as a registered nurse. Soon after that she found herself in a leadership role, supervising and coaching others be successful while on the job.  Soon she took a position as a Director of Nurses and later a Nursing Home Administrator in a nursing home and realized just how much life influenced what happened on the job.  She started reading everything she could about personal development to help her team and patients succeed.  She was a single mom during that time, but later married and had two more children.

With a whole new family to take care of, Sherina decided to give up her career and stay home.  That worked for a little while, until she realized how much she missed people and solving problems.  So she decided to become a wedding and family photographer at Sherina Hill Photography, LLC.   You can find some of her work at sherinahill.com.

In 2016, after becoming a professional photographer, she decided to become a professional life coach.  She achieved her certification that year and became a speaker, trainer, and coach on the John Maxwell Team. She has been in private practice ever since.

She now lives in Alabama with her two younger children and her wonderful husband. Over the years, she has helps been a founding partner for three non profits servicing women and children.  Our House for Kids, Inc, Alabama Prison Birth Project, and Cradled Hearts.

When she isn’t with her family or teaching others, She enjoys serving her community in Junior League and The Boys and Girls Club, enjoying photography now as a hobby, and now acting in community theater.


Facts about me.

I had the privilege of photographing a military ball.


Once completed the peachtree road race.


Can you say Sherina E-was a percussionist in high school.


Absolutely love talking with the elderly!!


I really love teaching and being the student.  


One occasion I do public speaking.  


Ready to get started?   Let’s do this!

Let’s train your mind to work for you and not against you.   This is better than changing your environment and strategies. This is the best medicine you will ever need.  Learning to to use your number one asset, YOU to create the life that you want.

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