Hello, I'm Sherina, and I am REBEL at heart!

I’ve spent most of my life living life on my own terms with the perfect tension.  I was a leader, loved my friends and family, pursued my dreams, while I overcame my mistakes.    Most of the time the tension was really perfect.  Not to little, not too much… You know what I mean.  I had mastered this tension triangle for years. 


Then one day this perfect tension triangle turned into a tornado. I very much lost myself, and did everything I could to find my way back. But the path was not only not clear, but it was no longer there. I decided it was my spouse’s fault. haha! After all, it had to be his fought. It was all good before then…..right…or was it?

You see, this was the life that I had dreamed of but the truth was, it felt more like Hell than the dream. Everything, I had known had gotten me to this far, but it was going to take more to get me to where I wanted to go.  To make room for that, I had to let some things go.

So I decided to become a life coach.  In order to be a great life coach, you must have your own coach.  You must have your own transformations.  So I hired my first life coach, and it literally blew my mind.  The truths that were made obvious to me started shifting my life.  I saw things like I had put on a pair of glasses for the first time.  The entire process was transformational, and one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

Before ever thinking about coaching, I obtained my BSN in Nursing from Jacksonville State University in 1995, and had an extensive background in healthcare and healthcare administration.   Before becoming a coach, I owned my own professional photography business at sherinahill.com for several years.   Then in 2016, after working with women in photography with self- image issues, became a certified life and leadership coach on the John Maxwell Team.

Coaching helped me see that I had allowed myself to become a victim starring in my own movie. It has also equipped me with the tools to take my power back. It has helped me show up with self love as a result I was boldly able to create a life and business that I love.  Without out all of the shoulds!!  After being in business for 4 years and creating my own success, I decided to invest in a second coaching certification. This time a life and weight coaching certifications through the Life Coach School. 

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart, yet most of us doing it because of the generational legacy we want to past down.    We know that we have something of value to contribute and finding our voice and rhythm is essential for that contribution to be made.   We can best do this by creating a life and business that we truly love.  


-Little Things I’ve done or Things I think.   

1. I once caught 48lb Mahi-mahi in Maui.
2.  Restaurant Impossible is one of my fav shows.
3. I ran the Peach-tree Road Race in Atlanta.
4. The Casket is a one-seater, Love your LIFE!
5. Question everything. 
6. Love is best when shared.   
8. Change a heart, you change a generation.
9. Every negative is followed by a positive.
10. Unmanaged doubt not failure is the problem. 




10 + 10 =