I started my career in Healthcare.  I worked everywhere from ER, labor and delivery, pediatrics, med-surg, but my favorite was long term care.

It was there that I really learned what the consequences were for not going all in on your vision.

Your life can appear to be really great, but the real parts… You know the parts that really matter are not as we desire for them to be.  But instead of taking the courageous act of creating what you really want, you conform to repeated sameness.

The feelings definitely don’t slow down the aging process either.  But that is another story.  My experienes in health care left a lasting impact on me.  One that allows me take swift action aligned with my values and beliefs.

You get to do the same.


It’s like Lucille Ball said, “I’d rather regret things that I have done, than regret things I have not done.”

I say-


Embodying Your Vision is Living and when you feel the most ALIVE.