Happy New Year!  I just spent the last 6 days offering value to new friends in my workshop-entitled “Slaying 2018”.   I had never done anything like that before, and I felt like a kid learning to ride a bicycle and having to pass out lemonade along the way.   A couple of times, I lost my balance. Some days the lemonade was not as good as other days.  But I did it!  Here are my take – aways!

  1.  Decide to give your best no matter what it looks like.
  2.  Your fear or your faith will show you what you truly believe in.
  3. Smile no matter what.  It helps your body remember what truly matters.
  4. When things get wobbly focus where you are going, not on where you have been.
  5. Don’t compare your lemonade to anyone else.  There are many flavors of lemonade.
  6. Your life’s journey will find true joy, when you show up authentically as you and give that gift that has only you can give. Only then will you SLAY!

Happy 2018, My Loves!!  If you are ready to slay, sign up to receive your vibe assessment today.  Drop me a line below, and share with me how you will show up in 2018!