I am calling 2018- The Year that I mastered my emotions.

– they showed up on plane flight to a speaking engagement in New Jersey.
– they showed up in my marriage
– they showed up in a health scare with my kids.
– they showed up when I told my clients my new prices.
– they showed up even when some clients decided not to continue working with me.

AND they showed up to stop me from fulfilling my purpose and my mission.

But let me tell you- When you learn to master your emotions. So much more is available for you to enjoy and create.

It is just like upgrading the texture of your food. What is available for you to enjoy improves when you learn to consume a variety of textures. You see them, you taste them, you learn how to experience them, and you do not allow them to stop you from eating.
As a matter of fact, you learn to play with textures to create something totally different and new.

Trust me, if I can, YOU CAN. I AM one of the most emotional humans that God ever created.  It is out of my weakness, that I have been made strong.  It is my emotions that allow me to serve others at 100%.

So in 2019, remember this when you decide to:

– keep the weight off
– fall in LOVE
– change your career
– and quit your goals
– or even raise your prices

The only thing stopping you

Is A


Only a feeling!!

That is right, my friend-

Those of you who want to learn more about You and your feelings, join my training starting this week.  

Why? Because When you master your feelings, you master YOU.  Leave me a comment if you want to join.  It’s totally free.  

In the meantime!  

Happy New Year- Happy Everything, Sherina