Is it possible that we are not living out the true meaning of Christmas?

Christmas is fast approaching us, and sadly to say so is the big drop off that will occur afterwards. I did not realize it as a kid, but now as an adult, I TOTALLY GET IT. While Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, it only last one day. If we stretch it out for the entire month of December, it still only last 31 days. Leaving 332 days that are not so magical in our lives.

Let’s not wait till Christmas to experience the joy of being alive, to experience love for our neighbors, and experience precious moments with our love ones. Isn’t the reason we stop to celebrate Christmas one day out of the year an important enough reason to celebrate it everyday? Of course it is! Here’s to making it last beyond the credit card statement being paid off and the boxes being collected by the trash collector. Let’s live out the spirit of Christmas everyday. #365heisalive