I have been celebrating Valentine’s Day with my children all day today, and with my wonderful husband over the weekend.   I must say it was so much fun participating in all of the school activities, reading a story to the 1st graders, and sharing our homemade gifts with the teachers. Just watching the my children’s expression while I read a story to their class was delightful.   (That should earn me a wonderful Mommy Gift in the future! haha!)

While Valentine’s Day for Mom’s typically entail events surrounding your children or husband, I cannot let this day past without thinking of all of the fabulous women in my circle who have poured into me through out the years.  From my Mother, My White- Momma’s (it’s a long story), from my Step-Mother, my Aunties, from all of my sister-friends…..  Everyday, You all engage me to live a life being my best, a life of authenticity, and a love of service to others.  You listen to me when I have lost my mind and have what I call “seizing temper tantrums”….lol…., and YOU cheer me on when I dare to live my wildest dreams. Without a shadow of a doubt,  I would not be WHO I am today without YOU!  Thanks for being a part of my circle of love.

Having a great circle is one of the secrets to living a great life.   Having someone to love you through the pain and to celebrate your accomplishments is essential!  I hope you are enjoying your day…….. Happy Valentine’s Day!