Good Morning Ya’ll. I just wanted to share a little of my heart with you guys today.       This is triggered by a running theme with my coaching clients and in my personal conversations with other women. What I want to talk to you about is JEALOUSY. The word means…. resentment against a person enjoying success. I like to define it as … HATRED TOWARDS YOURSELF FOR NOT HONORING YOUR DESIRES. A lot of times, we seek to avoid this emotion because it’s a perceived to be a negative emotion. But what if it is not. What if it is merely a way of you mind and body telling you that you DESIRE more in life. That you DESERVE more in life. That you should go for that DREAM. That you are holding yourself back from your DESTINY. This feeling can only grow into a weed in your garden by you choosing NOT to go after your dream. Which leads me to this question of- What is stopping us from going after what we truly desire? Don’t we BELIEVE we are just as capable as the next person. Don’t we BELIEVE we are as loveable as the next person. Don’t we BELIEVE we are deserving as the next person. The law of gravity states that if we jump off a people- no matter what sex, age, race, ethnic background, your butt is going to DIE. The law of sowing and reaping states… whatever you sow, you will reap. Common sense tells us- if ANY BODY touches a stove they will get burnt.

So if these 3 things are true, then the inverse is also true. I am telling you, IF ANYBODY works to achieve their goals they WILL HAVE THEM. When we experience jealousy- we don’t have to allow it to be a negative experience. We can simply say…” Now wait a minute. If that person can do it, I can too.” instead of suppressing our own desires and hated on ourselves for not honoring our own desires. This only leaves us all feeling like we cannot take a FULL deep breath like we cannot catch our breath. We can choose to applaud them, and We can choose to listen to the feeling/voice inside of us that is telling us we want to honor the desire of our hearts as well. So I am encouraging all of you today… to listen to all of your feelings… even the negative ones… because they are revealing your inner most desires to you. Embrace them, Love on yourself, and Go After your dreams. Then and only then will the feeling of jealousy go away. It will be quickly converted to intense happiness because you CHOOSE TO believe in yourself. Let me know what comes up for you as you read this. Happy Friday, Happy Everything to the tribe