As a woman I have vacillated between being “Cat Woman”, (I prefer her over Super Woman)  “Mary Poppins, ” and “just trying to making it through”.    Why did I take the picture? Because it reflected where I was in my life at the time. You see- I was in Chicago for a girl’s trip, and I was actually having a great time.   But on the inside, this image was a match.  I was breathing, and alive,  but not fully engaged in my life.   This was occurring for various reasons, but mainly because of my thinking, my paradigm.   My old paradigm.

Thank goodness, I am done with the woman in the picture.    When I say, “Done, I mean done.”.

Today as a life coach, I want to help other women get rid of her too.   Our children, spouses, and friends, HECK even US.  We need for “us” to be in our life for US.  Then from there, we can take care of everybody else.   Increased engagement in our own lives will result in us being more influential  in our lives.   This increases our ability to create more for ourselves and those who depend on us.

If you are ready to get rid of her, you are in the right place.   I’m starting a new program for the woman who is ready to get rid of her and all of the excuses too.  This program begins soon.  I’m only accepting 10 women in the program.  For more details, contact me here to schedule your 30 minute discovery session with me.  Of course, if this is not for you, Do your BFF a favor and send it to her.

Hugs..  I cannot wait to hear from you! Sherina