Girlfriend, Are you stuck?
Sometimes we are stuck, not because we received a “NO”, but because we are stuck in our feelings. We make the, “NO” mean something about us. “That we are unworthy, not good enough, unloved, that God is punishing us, that we do not deserve it”IT”…..

Our feelings make a two letter word “NO” a 500 lb. coat that we carry around all day.

It causes us to spend, spend, spend. It causes us to eat for pleasure and not for health. It causes us to argue with strangers for no reason. I can cause us to overcompensate in other areas so that we can feel fulfilled. Our feelings impact us from purse to the bedroom. From our Mothers to our Mother in law. From our present life to our future self.
If left unchecked, they will take you where you do not want to go.
If hearing the word, “No” has you stuck in your feelings, count it all “Joy” because it is not the end of the world. It’s a sign that you need a checkup.

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